“After a 2 year period of trying to find a contractor for our 1,000 sq.ft. addition to our home in Chelan Hills, we were lucky to find Troy Bean of Lakewood Homes. Attention to detail, expertise, professionalism and a great contractor knowledge of how to work out of the transition from architectural plans to actual building was amazing. Never have we met such an honest, hard working and pleasant contractor. We are extremely thankful we contracted with him.”

Sherry & John Dryer

Chelan Hills

“Troy is as honest of a man as you will find in the industry. He has character and integrity, and is someone you can trust with whatever size project you need done.
Troy has helped me on projects in Western Washington when I used to live there, and here in Chelan after I retired and moved here, and with total confidence I recommend Troy for all your construction needs.”
John Corbin

Chelan Hills

“We loved working with Troy and Lakewood Homes for our decking project. Everything turned out beautiful and their workmanship was top notch! We have done a number of remodeling projects over the years and this was the best experience we have every had working with a builder. Troy is professional, helpful and thoughtful. We greatly appreciated is communication and patience in working with us on design aspects. He had good insights and recommendations. Our project was finished ahead of the time he committed, and right on budget. No surprises or excuses. We have already recommended him to our friends for their kitchen project.
Thank you!! ”

Zitzman Family

Chelan Hills

Who We Are

Meet Troy and Melissa, owners of Lakewood Homes! Their extensive backgrounds and wealth of experience bring a unique blend of expertise and enthusiasm to every project they undertake. Their shared knowledge and commitment to fine home construction make them an unparalleled duo in the home-building industry.
Troy’s journey in construction began with owning a framing company for several years. This hands-on experience gave him a solid foundation and a comprehensive understanding of the building process from the ground up. Troy eventually joined a custom builder in Bellevue, Washington, where his journey allowed him to gain invaluable insight and master a comprehensive set of skills over an impressive span of 35 years.
Melissa brings her impressive track record to the team, with over 25 years of construction experience. Having worked extensively with a prominent national builder, her primary role in the construction field as a Project Manager allowed her to oversee every aspect of the construction projects. Her comprehensive understanding of construction and ability to seamlessly coordinate various teams and subcontractors make her an indispensable asset to Lakewood Homes’ building projects.
With their deep knowledge and extensive experience, they will guide you through every step of the construction process, ensuring your vision becomes a reality. Prepare to embark on a journey where Experience Meets Excellence with Troy and Melissa. 


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